Crucifix - Jesus on the cross, Padre Pio - wood carving from the Black Forest

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Lang woodcraft

Lang woodcraft

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Product information "Crucifix - Jesus on the cross, Padre Pio - wood carving from the Black Forest"

Jesus on the cross, hand-made crucifix from genuine wood with finely crafted details. The Padre Pio crucifix is a reproduction of the Jesus cross through which the Roman Catholic priest of the same name received his stigmata in 1918. Padre Pio was a Capuchin priest from southern Italy. When he was 31 years old Jesus Christ appeared to him as a shining light during prayer. The young priest described how blazing rays erupted from the wounds of the Redeemer and penetrated into his own hands, feet and sides. Following this experience Padre Pio had stigmata - open wounds which bled repeatedly - right up to the end of his life which were located in the same places as Jesus had suffered them on the cross. The flowing blood is also evident on this crucifix and it covers Jesus' body and his head which is pricked all over by the crown of thorns. Racked by pain, Jesus directs his face towards the observer. The cross to which the body is attached is made of dark wood and it is in the form of the so-called Latin cross, the most commonly available form of cross with one straight vertical and one straight horizontal beam. The letters I.N.R.I are struck on the upper end of the crucifix which proclaim the offence Jesus has committed from the point of view of the judge Pontius Pilate. The four letters form the abbreviation for "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaerum", meaning "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews".

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Supplier description "Lang woodcraft"

Wood carvings produced by the hands of a master craftsman

Master carver Andreas Lang is the second generation of his family to perform the traditional craftsmanship of wood carving in Elzach on the edge of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park. He trained as a wood carver in Freiburg im Breisgau. He took over the wood carving business from his father and raised the workshop's outstanding reputation throughout the region to an even higher level.

Like the Black Forest, Elzach is a predominantly Roman Catholic area. This is why his wood carving workshop primarily creates religious objects from a sense of inner conviction. He gains inspiration for new motifs by studying old patterns in books. Churches and abbeys repeatedly call on his services for restoration work. They value his expert advice and skills as a wood carver very highly.

In addition to devotional objects, Andreas Lang has also developed an outstanding reputation for the carving of Carnival masks. He has been the master carver for Carnival Committees in the Black Forest and the whole of southern Germany for many years. Anyone who is aware of the value of the traditional Carnival cultural artefact will also be aware of the magnitude of this honour.

As a master carver Andreas Lang is convinced that only the finest and most thorough craftsmanship can lead to outstanding quality. His name guarantees this.

All products are hand-crafted. All original from the Black Forest.


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