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Original Black Forest Cherry Cake - Rosi's Recipe

You can't really go wrong with a Black Forest cake.
The fresher and richer the cream, the better the Cake.

This recipe guarantees success every time.

Original Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte Rezept
Biscuit bases are a skill on their own. However, my chosen baker and indeed every good baker or confectioner will definitely be able to bake very good bases for you.
At one time there were no stabilisers for whipping cream. Anyone not wanting to use a stabiliser will need to use cold equipment and cream with a high fat content. Whipping the cream until it is firm does, of course, run the risk of quickly turning it into a butter cream cake rather than a Black Forest cake.
With a Black Forest cake the cherry brandy must be on the base and in the cream. And the cherries can also be soaked in it. Alternatively, you can make a Black Forest cake for kids using blackcurrant jam on the base and cherries caramelised in brown sugar.

Ingredients for Black Forest cake:

For the base:
7 fresh free range eggs, separated
250g sugar
300g flour
2tbsp cocoa powder

For the filling and the garnish:
2 jars of sour cherries (drained weight approx. 800g)
100ml cherry brandy
800ml - 1000ml cream
2 packets of vanilla sugar
100g of grated or flaked chocolate

Preparation of the Black Forest gateau:

The base:
Beat the egg yolks and the sugar for around 15 minutes to a foamy, creamy texture (it is worth going to the baker for this reason alone).
Mix the flour and cocoa powder well and sift over the mixture. Then whisk together the cocoa and flour mixture and the creamed egg and sugar. Mixing the ingredients correctly is essential for eventual success.
We have kept the egg white to ensure the lightness of the mixture. Beat until firm and fold in carefully.
Bake for 30-35 minutes, starting with a temperature of 200 degrees and gradually reducing it.
Finally cut the edge carefully with a bread knife. Loosen baked on areas with a cake slice and gently lift out the cake base.

Preparation of the filling and garnish:
Drain the sour cherries  and pick out the 16 or 17 most attractive cherries for decoration (remember that the symmetry of the decoration will go awry if you have a quick nibble!) The cherries can also be soaked in cherry brandy for an hour or two if you wish.
It is also possible to make jelly with the cherry juice and corn flour but there is the risk of the top half of the gateau sliding with over-vigorous use of the cake slice. I find it easier and more natural just to work with the cherries.
Beat the cream with some original Black Forest cherry brandy and the vanilla sugar until firm.

Bringing together:
Halve the gateau base and sprinkle the bottom half liberally with cherry brandy. Then cover the base as densely as possible with the cherries. Cover with around half the cream and then put the second base in place. Flavour the second base with cherry brandy as well. Coat the gateau with cream all round. Keep aside a small amount of the cream for decoration and fill an icing bag with it. Cover the edge and surface of the gateau with grated chocolate or crushed flaked chocolate and then use the icing bag to distribute 16 small dabs round the gateau and place one in the centre. The cherries are then placed on these dabs, making the Black Forest gateau complete.

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