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Collecting bonus points

Collecting bonus points is simple, straightforward and transparent at Black-Forest-Maria

Whenever you order an item you will receive one point for each 10 Euro of the item's value in your personal account. You will see your current bonus points balance as soon as you log in to your account. Displayed everywhere and at all times in our shop in the orange field   ; always directly above the shopping basket. The amount displayed corresponds to your bonus points balance.

There are two interesting ways for you to redeem your points:

Redeem points with the next order
It is easy to redeem bonus points. In order to do so, log in to your account. Place the desired products in the shopping basket and select the number of bonus points which you wish to redeem. Use the scroll bar to set the amount of bonus points you are willing to redeem. Four bonus points correspond to one Euro. As soon as you have clicked on the button "redeem" you will get a coupon in your shopping basket.

Collecting points and saving for one of the interesting bonus items
Sustained collection is rewarded. By doing so you can get a discount of up to 30%!

To see our bonus articles click on the orange field above the shopping basket and then on "to the bonus articles". Here you can select the desired articles and place them in the shopping basket.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of attractive bonus articles. Please rest assured that your bonus points will not expire.






Enjoy collecting!