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About us

WELCOME to the Black Forest Maria online shop

Here at Black Forest Maria we wish to bring our own home area, the Black Forest, into your home. We only sell locally produced items of the highest quality. We have personal knowledge of lots of local craft enterprises and we have selected only the very best for you. All products are made lovingly by hand as they were in the time of our grandparents.

You can get all the world famous Black Forest products from one source via our shop. This makes ordering from the comfort of your home straightforward and you also save on shipping costs.

Thomas and Yves are the lads behind Black Forest Maria:

Thomas grew up in the Black Forest. He is a devoted SC Freiburg fan and he knows the Black Forest like the back of his hand. What could have been more natural than following the old Black Forest tradition of making hand-crafted domestic products available to the wider world once he had completed his studies in business administration? 

Yves grew up in Switzerland but romance brought him to the Black Forest many years ago. This is where he has his apiary where he harvests Black Forest honey for hungry bears. He is also the team's language expert, speaking fluent Swiss German, German, English, French and Spanish.

Allow yourself to be won over by our comprehensive, lovingly selected range which is true to our motto:

All hand-crafted,
all original from the Black Forest

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