Bird feeder with thatched roof - wooden bird feeder with 60cm diameter

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  • Bird feeder from a Black Forest thatched roof workshop. This bird feeder is thatched by hand. A bird feeder brings your garden to life and provides the birds with a dry place to feed.
  • A bird feeder with thatched roof acts as a hotel for insects and a bird feeder, enabling a natural cycle of the various creatures.
  • The sturdy wooden construction and a layer of mortar under the heather covering ensure that your bird feeder is durable.
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Irma's bird feeders

Irma's bird feeders

Order No.: 111700000002

  • Height: 21.7 in - 23.6 in
  • Diameter: 23.6 in / 60 cm
  • Weight: 14 kg
220.00 €
Shipping weight 17 kg

Delivery time: 8-12 Workdays


Product information "Bird feeder with thatched roof - wooden bird feeder with 60cm diameter"

Bring your garden to life! The bird feeder from the Black Forest thatched workshop is a lively treasure to enhance your garden. The bird feeder is a hive of activity all the year round. The use of sprays and early cutting of meadows mean that the birds require additional feeding. You can observe the colourful activities through the window. No soap opera can compete.

  • Traditional craftsmanship: No two bird feeders are the same. Each one is a unique, hand-crafted item. The reeds are attached with steel wires in line with traditional craftsmanship and covered in various overlapping layers. The straw is then beaten and shaped. Thousands of pieces of straw become wedged together, providing the thatched roof with its strength.
  • Long service life:The sturdy wooden construction and a layer of mortar under the heather covering ensure that your bird feeder can be used for many years to come. In our neck of the woods they can last for up to 15 years when used all year round, depending on the location. After this the thatched roof can be renewed and the substructure can normally continue to be used.
  • Feed:Use standard mixed feed from suppliers to ensure a high level of activity on the feeder. The birds are not awfully keen on sunflower seeds.
  • Height:21.7 in - 23.6 in / 55 cm - 60 cm
  • Diameter:23.6 in / 60 cm
  • Feed surface:11.8 in / 30 cm
  • Weight:14 kg
  • Installation:The bird feeder can just be positioned anywhere outside or fitted to a stand. Please take note of our range.
  • Informations about the VAT:If you select a delivery destination outside the EU in the checkout, than the German VAT to the amount of € 35,13 is deducted automatically

Supplier description "Irma's bird feeders"

Thatched Black Forest bird feeder made with traditional methods

Irma and Ralf practise the art of thatching in the Upper Black Forest where they create bird feeders with traditional methods, love and passion. They had long marvelled at thatched houses and bird feeders during visits to northern Germany. Indeed the art of thatching fascinated them both so much that they took their first thatched bird feeder back to the Black Forest many years ago.

As they watched the birds feed in the feeder in their garden, they thought that it was time to learn how to make reeds into thatched roofs themselves. They decided to serve an apprenticeship with an old master thatcher in order to learn this dying art.

Now they have fully mastered the ancient art and they specialise in the creation of thatched bird feeders. Irma and Ralf can provide you with a hand-crafted, unique bird feeder with a very personal touch.

All hand-crafted, all original from the Black Forest


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