Marder gin juniper distillate 0.5L

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  • Black Forest gin characterised by purity, clarity and elegance which makes every aficionado rejoice. The latest creation from the Marder distiller in the heart of the Black Forest.
  • Elegant fresh juniper flavour and fine, tender citrus flavours from the bergamot orange. The palate experiences incomparable purity along with a clean, fresh taste.
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Edel-Marder – since 1953

Edel-Marder – since 1953

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  • Bottlesize: 0,5 L
  • Container typ: Bottle
  • Alcohol content: 43,00%
Content: 0.5 L (56.00 € / 1 L)
28.00 €
Shipping weight 2 kg

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Product information "Marder gin juniper distillate 0.5L"

  • Manufacturer:The Marder private distillery, founded in 1953, is a family firm with a sense of tradition. Stefan Marder represents the third generation. The distillery is located in the small village of Unteralpfen in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park
  • Drinking temperature:14° to 18° is an ideal temperature for fruit brandies to ensure exquisite enjoyment. The higher the quality of the distillate, the higher the possible drinking temperature. Lower temperatures mask the alcohol and the flavour of the fruits
  • Storage:Schnapps does not have to be stored in a cellar and it does not require a constant temperature either. Brandy requires temperature changes as it matures and light does not harm it in any way. It is important to store it in a vertical position. If stored in a horizontal position the alcohol content leaches out via the cork. This can result in changes to taste and colour
  • Alternative use / recipes:It can be enjoyed neat, with ice or in classical style with tonic water or mixed in a cocktail or long drink.
  • Informations about the VAT:If you select a delivery destination outside the EU in the checkout, than the German VAT to the amount of € 4,47 is deducted automatically

Supplier description "Edel-Marder – since 1953"

The Marder private distillery, founded in 1953, is a family firm with a sense of tradition. Stefan Marder represents the third generation. The distillery is located in the small village of Unteralpfen in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park.

Numerous medals and awards from the Destillata international jury of experts prove that Marder is an indispensable member of the international elite and that it occupies this position on merit. The high point was overall victory in the unofficial world championship of 2007 under the stewardship of Stefan's father Edmund. Stefan proved he too was a master distiller in 2010. He won the distinction "German National Champion" for the family firm for the fifth time in a row. He was also a champion in the following categories: beer and grain, wild fruits and sloe and fruit brandies and he won the "Gold" award on no fewer than four occasions.

The highly decorated distillery is one of the most renowned on the European stage. Edel-Marder is served in many starred restaurants and even to first class Lufthansa passengers.

Stefan's philosophy involves capturing the aromas of the fruits as purely and naturally as possible and then preserving and distilling them. The boundaries between the art of distilling and alchemy become blurred here. To put it simply the quintessential nature of each individual fruit ends up in the glass.

The following essential factors play a part in giving each individual schnapps its poetic qualities:

-    The vast majority of the fruits are grown on trees found in local gardens and meadows. Using traditional varieties makes a direct contribution to the preservation of the cultural landscape in the Black Forest.

-    Only the best fruits at an optimum level of ripeness are used. The farmers therefore work to Marder's standards and requirements.

-    Selected yeasts and strictly controlled temperatures ensure a clean and even fermentation of the mash which is the basis for top quality.

-    Comprehensive technical knowledge, a deep-rooted awareness of quality and practical knowledge have been passed down through the generations and combined with the most up to date distilling technology.

-    Unteralpfen's local spring water with its low lime content helps to give the schnapps a pleasantly smooth drinking strength which makes it complete.

All hand-crafted. All original from the Black Forest.


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