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   Schwarzwald-Maria KG
Kirchstraße 8
79793 Wutöschingen

Tel.: +49 (0) 7746 711 98 46


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Black Forest classic

Distilling schnapps is an age-old tradition and part of our cultural history. Fruit from the numerous meadows in the Black Forest has been distilled to make schnapps for centuries. The traditional varieties are the legendary Black Forest cherry brandy, plum brandy, mirabelle plum brandy and raspberry brandy. They also have the protected designation of origin.ack Forest produce spirits of the highest quality.

Crisp fruit brandy made of apples and pears Black Forest Maria Edition 0.7L

Fruit brandy made of apples and pears is one of the traditional brandies from the region. Black Forest Maria has...

Content: 0.7 L (27.86 € / 1 L)

19.50 €