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   Schwarzwald-Maria KG
Kirchstraße 8
79793 Wutöschingen

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Products from Black Forest Honey

Black Forest Honey

Black Forest honey for hungry bears of all sizes

Yves runs a small apiary in Wutachtal in the southern Black Forest in his spare time. He has been producing 'Black Forest honey for hungry bears of all sizes' in his little apiary for over ten years. He learnt this traditional skill, strongly associated with nature, with his friends at the bee keeping association, which was founded in 1867. You can find out more about Yves in the About us section.

All bee keepers have a stock card for each bee colony, a type of diary with key information about the bee colonies. Each colony gets its own name to reflect its individual character. The current ones are: Ayoreo, Inuit, Samen, Utopier, Zapoteken and Zenú. Yves is happy to receive your suggestions for the new colonies formed in May.

The Black Forest honey available in this web shop is extracted by Yves or one of his fellow Black Forest bee keepers.

With 'Black Forest honey for hungry bears of all sizes' you are making a wise and sustainable choice of the best possible quality directly from a bee keeper from the Black Forest. You are also making a contribution to biodiversity in the Black Forest. The importance of bees is primarily measured by their ability to pollinate.

Genuine Black Forest honey direct from the bee keeper for hungry bears of all sizes.

All hand-crafted. All original from the Black Forest.