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   Schwarzwald-Maria KG
Kirchstraße 8
79793 Wutöschingen

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Products from August Schwer - since 1885

August Schwer - since 1885

Intricately decorated clocks from the birthplace of the Black Forest cuckoo clock

The Black Forest cuckoo clock manufacturer August Schwer can boast a long tradition in making cuckoo clocks. The company is based in the heart of the Black Forest, in Schönwald, which is, in all probability, where the first Black Forest cuckoo clock was made in the 1730s.
Franz Anton Ketterer established one of the most famous and globally recognised traditional German craft products. Hardly any other item of craftsmanship has remained as true to its origins over the centuries as the cuckoo clock from the Black Forest.

Founded in 1885, the August Schwer cuckoo clock maker is continuing Ketterer's tradition. The awareness of tradition and craftsmanship lives on today and the mechanical characteristics of a genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock remain untouched.  
August Schwer clocks are renowned for their high quality and they are unbeatable in terms of accuracy of detail and variety. The love of detail makes every clock an individual masterpiece.

The small cuckoo clock manufacturer has often overcome strong competition in the vote for 'Cuckoo Clock of the Year'. This competition is organised annually by the Black Forest Clock Association (V-d-S for short). The audience at the relevant exhibition venue decides who has made the most beautiful clock and the audience participation makes the award even more prestigious.

All the cuckoo clocks in our range were produced in the Black Forest and they have the Black Forest Clock Association certificate of authenticity.

All hand-crafted. All original from the Black Forest.