Black Forest jam mix - plum purée, quince, black cherry

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  • Black Forest jam mix from the Black Forest by the Faller jam maker stirred by hand in the copper pan - the finest jam since 1913
  • Why don't you buy more than just one jam? Jams are welcome gifts! This is true for parents, children, grandchildren and also much valued neighbours.
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Alfred Faller – since 1913

Alfred Faller – since 1913

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  • Quantity: 3 x 450g
  • Package: 3 glasses
Content: 1.35 kg (9.26 € / 1 kg)
12.50 €
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Product information "Black Forest jam mix - plum purée, quince, black cherry"

The art of preparing jams according to a traditional family recipe is the principal focus for the jam maker Faller from Utzenfeld in the Black Forest.

Each individual fruit is carefully and lovingly hand picked. It is only then that they can be cooked in the open copper pan where they are stirred by hand in small quantities.

Maria has brought the most popular jams together for you in this Black Forest jam mix. The delicate jams with the cloth are an integral part of any extensive breakfast.

The secret of the jam's magnificent taste comes exclusively from the fruit.

  • Slowfood: Faller-Konfitüren supports "Slow Food". The non-profit organisation coined the phrase "Slow Food" for enjoyable, genuine and regional specialities and it regards itself as a counter movement to globalised fast food.
  • Ingredients:Per 450g jam: Total sugar content 63g per 100g, fruit content 50g per 100g of sugar, fruit, lemon juice from concentrate, apple pectin gelling agent.
  • Storage:Store at a cool temperature and consume within a short period.
  • Informations about the VAT:If you select a delivery destination outside the EU in the checkout, the German VAT is deducted automatically.

Supplier description "Alfred Faller – since 1913"

Hand crafted jam from copper pans

The story of the Faller jam maker starts in 1913. The grocer Alfred Faller was regularly approached by local farmers with offers to buy large amounts of fruit. It was much more than he could sell in his little shop. But, unable to say no, he was confronted by a mountain of the finest fruit which was in danger of rotting. Along with his wife Therese, Alfred had the idea of preserving the fruit. The first homemade fruit jams were thus produced and their long shelf life enabled the people in Wiesental to enjoy delicious fruit in even the hardest of winters. The outstanding quality of Faller jam was soon recognised in the surrounding areas and the number of regular customers grew and grew and Faller jam became a household name in Kaiserstuhl and Markgräflerland.

In 1950 the Fallers' son Martin set out to turn the jam maker into a national brand. He soon supplied top hotels, delicatessens and health food shops with his hand crafted jam from copper pans.
Today, Thomas Faller is the third generation to head the Alfred Faller jam making company. Thanks to his personality, ideas and passion, Thomas has helped Faller jams to become one of the leading German premium quality jams.

Quality starts with the selection of fruit. Thomas Faller visits the best regional areas of cultivation at harvest time. He examines the fruit and selects the best. That is crucial as the taste of the jam relies to a great extent on the fruit.
The main elements of the skill of jam making are manual sorting of the fruit, stirring small amounts of jam in open copper pans according to traditional family recipes.

The desire for premium quality has long been at the heart of the philosophy and culture of jam making. This maxim alone can guarantee the maintenance of tradition and the originality of foodstuffs. This tradition has made Faller jams the ambassador for discerning taste and one of Germany's finest jam producers.

All hand-crafted. All original from the Black Forest.


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