Original Black Forest ham - 1 kg piece

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Egon Martin - since 1975

Egon Martin - since 1975

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Product information "Original Black Forest ham - 1 kg piece"

Not all ham from the Black Forest is true Black Forest ham. The best meat and a huge amount of patience are required to make this world famous delicacy from the Black Forest. The meat used for our ham from the Kranz country butcher all comes from animals which have been properly reared and cared for. Even the feed comes from the farmers' own fields.

Only selected meat from the rear joint is used. Once the ham has been soaked in brine for 3-4 weeks it is then cold smoked in pine branches for 5 whole weeks which gives the ham its typical Black Forest flavour.

Black Forest ham has protected designation of origin and it is the most popular raw ham in Europe.

  • Flavour: Traditional smoked ham, salty balance with a clear smoky flavour. A Black Forest delicacy which is a real pleasure for the palate, exciting all true gourmets
  • Meat:100% pork
  • Shelf life:2 to 3 months
  • Storage:Ideally in a linen bag at temperatures between 7° and 18° Celsius
  • Shipping:The ham is always shipped vacuum packed and cooled
  • Note:Contains pork
  • Informations about the VAT:If you select a delivery destination outside the EU in the checkout, than the German VAT to the amount of € 1,30 is deducted automatically

Supplier description "Egon Martin - since 1975"

Black Forest ham and specialities by Martin the master butcher

Master butcher Egon Martin puts his heart and soul into running his traditional Black Forest butcher's shop in Behla-Hüfingen in the southern Black Forest. He completed his training as a master butcher in Heidelberg in 1975. Craftsmanship and honest work have been instrumental in gaining his outstanding reputation for the highest quality over the years. Today he is very well known in the southern Black Forest.

Martin's philosophy involves having control over the complete production process for his Black Forest ham. That is why all his meat is sourced from his own animals which have been properly raised and cared for. The animal feed Martin uses also originates from his own fields and meadows. This cycle is the only way to guarantee a truly original Black Forest product with the protected designation of origin "Original Black Forest Ham".

Only specially selected meat from the rear leg is used for cured Black Forest ham. The meat is immersed in brine for three to four weeks immediately after slaughter. The ham then spends up to five weeks in the smokehouse. A cold smoke curing process is used with pine branches and beech chips. The finishing touches are applied by hanging the ham for around a week. After ten weeks the Black Forest ham has now matured into an exquisite delicacy for food lovers. A mild indulgence with an intensive smoked flavour.

By contrast, ham produced on an industrial scale is ready within a few days and occasionally the meat is even imported from abroad prior to being labelled as a speciality of the Black Forest.

Master butcher Egon Martin's motto on the other hand is: Our ham does not come off a production line; here we still work with our hands and our hearts.

Our hams are hand-crafted. All original from the Black Forest.


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